Continuing a Long Tradition

Beston Pure Foods is continuing the tradition that has been in place for well over 50 years of supplying products not only for the local domestic market, but also for markets across Asia and Europe. Our cheeses are made in South Australia in our processing plants located adjacent to the great Australian Murray River. Having started over 70 years ago as co-operatives, both the plants and our cheesemakers have a long history of producing high quality dairy products, made from
the worlds best fresh dairy milk. Located adjacent to fine grazing pastures and only within a few hours of the lush South East of South Australia, ensures that our plants are continually supplied with the freshest milk, on a daily basis.

Our experienced and skilled cheesemakers take that freshness to craft and create high quality, creamy and smooth cheeses. Romano, Pepato and Vintage cheeses are produced with traditional and time honoured methods where the curd is packed in cheese cloth lined hoops and waxed.
Both Murray Bridge and Jervois plants are within one hour of the city of Adelaide, allowing quick and efficient access to shipping ports and an international airport for rapid transit of products to markets within Asia and Europe. Whether it be a mild creamier flavoured cheddar or a dry crumbly vintage cheese, the Beston Pure Foods range provides you with the highest quality and taste.

Beston Pure Foods cheeses have topped their classes at the South Australian Dairy Industry Awards.
All the Beston Pure Foods Edwards Crossing-branded cheeses that were nominated in the prestigious Royal Adelaide Show Dairy Awards won medals in their categories, with Beston Pure Foods landing a total of two Gold and three Silver as well as the overall title of Champion Cheddar.

BFC has focused on delivering these objectives and when it purchased a business which included two dairy factories; one in Murray Bridge, the other in Jervois, South Australia, it significantly shifted its major attention to Dairy. BFC invested $26.5M to fit the derelict Jervois factory out with state-of-the-art technology sourced predominately from Italy in order to produce Beston’s Edwards Crossing premium quality Mozzarella cheese, as well as by-products including whey powder, cream and butter.

BFC has given new hope to Dairy Farmers in South Australia. With many of the big dairy companies pulling back four years ago, BFC came along at precisely the right time, and contracted some 38 dairy families across the State to supply milk for its factories. BFC also put programs in place to assist Farmers who needed support at the time.
Last year, BFC launched its limited edition Black Wax Vintage Cheddar Cheese as a tribute to South Australia’s Dairy Farmers, as the most appropriate cheese to support and honour South Australia’s Dairy Farmers – at the time not realising that it would soon be awarded “Best Vintage Cheddar Cheese in Australia”.
The 200gm cheese block, appropriately named “Farmers’ Tribute”, has been hand crafted at BFC’s Murray Bridge factory by the company’s talented team of Cheesemakers as a way of recognising the significant contribution which Dairy Farmers make to the economy of South Australia, as well as highlighting the hardships experienced by Dairy Farmers in recent times.

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