One of Australia’s Largest Egg Producers
In 1987 Dion and Anne Andary commenced buying and distributing eggs with an old small van. In order to identify the new fledgling business it was decided to use the name DAYS originating from Dion, Anne, Yasmine and Sarah being their 2 daughters.

From that point on, the name has identified the business and highlighted the family’s ongoing commitment to egg farming.
Anne’s parents had been running about 400 chickens in Alma, South Australia in the late 1950’s. They moved to Two Wells in the early 1960sand expanded to caged production when egg farmers were forced to raise all chickens off the ground to prevent disease.

In 1988 Dion and Anne Andary started producing and delivering 50 boxes of eggs in a $200 van. Dion and Anne started out on their own in the time when licensed hen quotas were mandatory. They leased a quota of 700 hens in a rented shed but were restricted to 60% production by the South Australian Egg Board. In order to meet the growing demand for eggs with the focus on service to small business a high risk strategy was embarked on to further expand the egg farming and distribution business

In 2005, on this site,D.A.Y.S. commissioned the first of 3 modern, technologically advanced and environmentally controlled layer sheds, housing 30,000 hens in each. The first and only one of the pre-enriched colony type hen housing in South Australia.
It is the only pre-enriched cage system in South Australia. This layer system is designed to fit dust bathing and nests, if the market drivers demand.
These sheds have the capability to be converted to aviary should the market demand for non-caged eggs increase.
Due to the high capital outlays required to fund this modern technological expansion, it was decided in 2006 to corporatise the business to provide the massive funding requirement to enable them to continue with the modern expansion plans.
It was September 2006 that DAYS Eggs Pty Ltd was incorporated as a 100% Australian Owned, Family Run Business with the primary focus of providing Australian retailers and consumers with the highest quality of affordable and locally produced eggs
Over the past 7 years Days Eggs has been rapidly expanding in non-caged egg production.
We have retrofitted older style free range farms at Roseworthy (50,000 hens), McLaren Vale (28,000 hens) and Lower Light (60,000 hens) Our home farm in Lower Light site also comprises 2 modern high tech free range / Barn houses (40,000 hens) and a single retro fitted house (7,000 hens). Our new site at Port Germein has 5 new Free Range production houses (150,000 hens) new site at Port Germein has 5 new Free Range production houses (150,000 hens)

We have 2 rearing / grower farms at Lewiston and Gawler River, where day old chickens are reared and grown to point of lay hens then transferred to our layer farms ready for egg production.

The Days Eggs story is one of true Australian persistence and hard work, just like the Romeo Story family and we are proud to count DAYS Eggs as one of our trusted suppliers.

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