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About Doctor V

Doctor V is an innovative new functional energy drink bridging the energy category with sports and healthy beverages. Scientifically formulated by doctors and naturopaths, Doctor V delivers 100% natural, metabolic energy without the damaging side-effects of traditional energy drinks. With a functional and immunity-building blend to energise every moment, it’s fast-becoming the convenient go-to energy boost for athletes and adventurers, students, gamers, busy-professionals and ‘food-forward wellbeings’ seeking a truly healthy alternative. Doctor V is proudly made in Australia.

An Australian entrepreneur is disrupting the global energy drink category with a healthy alternative made with unique herbs used by the Russians to boost energy, stamina and immunity.

Sydney businesswoman and entrepreneur Kimberley Holden developed Doctor V after identifying a gap in the market for a natural energy drink without the potentially negative side effects of traditional products on the market.

With Co-founder Joseph McGlennon, Ms Holden launched Doctor V in Australia in September with four functional energy drinks and, in less than a year, has national ranging in independent grocery, petrol and convenience, select gyms and fitness clubs, and major global partnerships in China and the Middle East.

“We’re living in a time when there are so many demands on our energy, but there wasn’t a product on the market that would lift energy without some really negative side effects for your health,” Ms Holdens says.

“The pressure to perform and be at our best has never been higher, and we’re all starting to realise that to do that we have to stay strong and healthy – both mentally and physically. Traditional energy drinks can give you the jitters from too much caffeine, a crash from too much sugar, or worse,” Ms Holden says.

“We’ve worked with specialist doctors and naturopaths to create a product that not only boosts energy, but takes a broader view of improving people’s health, rather than detracting from it.” All four drinks contain ingredients that strengthen immunity and are designed to tick different health, productivity and wellness goals. The range includes Brain Storm for faster and clearer thinking; Siber ian Rush for pre-workout; Bender Mender for faster recovery; and Karma Karma for a gentle energy lift and mood support. All drinks are free from artificial colours, flavours, perseverative and synthetic herbs.

“We’ve been really heartened by the positive response to Doctor V both in Australia and overseas. Consumers are ready for healthier alternatives and we’re seeing that in every other category. We knew Doctor V would change the way people viewed energy drinks, but we didn’t quite anticipate how important immunity would become to our story. Immunity is the number one priority for consumers in food and drink now and will remain top of mind into the future,” Ms Holden says.

It took 18 months to develop Doctor V with Ms Holden’s long-time friend, Dr Vagif Soultanov, a Russian-based scientist and naturopath who has access to herbs, berries and other ingredients not found anywhere else in the world.

“We spent a lot of time researching and travelling, including to Siberia, to meet everyone from herbalists and berry pickers to food chemists. It’s taken time to really understand the ingredients and their potential to boost energy while helping people thrive with the demands of modern life. We make a point of not using cheap chemicals like many energy drink brands – all of our products contain natural herbs rather than synthetics, and half the sugar and caffeine you would find in similar drinks on the market,” Ms Holden says.

Ms Holden says while Doctor V is ticking the right boxes for consumers, launching a new brand six months before the COVID-19 pandemic has had its challenges. “Events have been a great way for us to build the Doctor V brand but since COVID-19 our focus has had to shift,” Ms Holden says.

“We’ve had a great response from both consumers and retailers and we’re driven to maintain the momentum.”

“There’s a Russian proverb that likens starting a business to a bird trying to fly – the hardest part is getting off the ground. In the early days of business that’s exactly what it’s like. It takes time for people to get to know what you’re about.”

The idea for Doctor V came to Ms Holden after she recovered from a brain tumour 10 years ago. “It made me think about my health more deeply than any other time in my life. I naturally spent a lot of time learning about brain health and knew I wanted to do something that would make a difference to people’s lives,” Ms Holden says.

Doctor V contains ingredients known for improving mental performance and cognition and helping people’s bodies naturally adapt to stress, which helps to increase energy, stamina and resilience.

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