Just when you thought hot cross buns couldn’t get any better! The perfect Easter breakfast.

Prep :: 25 mins
Cook :: 10 mins
Serves :: 4


2 fresh eggs
½ cup milk
2 tbsp thickened cream
1 tsp grated orange zest
4 Kytons hot cross buns
Splash of olive oil

Choc-chip ice cream
Honey or maple syrup (optional)


Place eggs, milk, cream and orange zest in a large mixing bowl. Using a fork, whisk until well combined.

Slice the hot cross buns in half lengthways and dip each half into the mixture, coating both sides well.

Leave in the mixture to soak for 15–20 minutes.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Add the olive oil and carefully swirl it around to coat the pan evenly.

Remove hot cross buns from the mixture, allowing any excess beaten egg to drip off.

Cook in batches by placing coated buns on the frying pan and cooking for two minutes each side
or until golden brown. Transfer to serving plates.

Repeat with remaining oil and hot cross bun halves.

To serve, add a spoonful of ice cream, honey or maple syrup and fruit of your choice.

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