Cheese, please!
The story of La Casa Del Formaggio.

If you’re as obsessed with all things cheese as we are here at Romeo’s, you’re probably already familiar with the A-grade products that are created by La Casa Del Formaggio.

Parmesan, bocconcini, burrata, ricotta, haloumi, thick cream, and so much more — this South Austrailan company has you covered for all your cheese needs. And even better, they’re based right here in the eastern suburbs or Adelaide.

Gerardo and Rosa Cicchiello met in Adelaide after their respective families made the big move to Adelaide in the 1960s to set up home. They soon discovered that both of their families were dairy farmers and originated from the Benevento region in Southern Italy. With a background deep rooted in dairy, they soon started a family and set up a small continental deli. Rosa Cicchiello began making her homemade ricotta using the recipe she learnt back in Italy, and sold it through the shop — and the popularity of her cheese was overwhelming!

This starting point led the family to focus on cheese full time, and La Casa Del Formaggio was soon founded in 1988. Over the years, the business has evolved and been passed down through the generations — it’s not run by the son of the founder, Claude, who acts as the company’s Managing Director. Keeping it in the family, his sister Marisa is also involved, and heads up the retail side of things.

The family has spent years teaching their hands-on (and top secret!) cheesemaking techniques to their team, and the end result is a collection of Australia’s finest Mediterranean style fresh cheeses. La Casa Del Formaggio values its Italian heritage and prides itself in premium product quality, consistency and authenticity. They are the family that pioneered the introduction of Bocconcini to Australia’s supermarkets, and they are extremely passionate about sharing their Italian cheese tradition with Australia.

If you’re hunting down some of their fabulous products, you don’t need to look too hard — they’re range is available in your local Romeo’s supermarket.

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