Romeo’s Organic Wholefoods is an Organic Supermarket and Health Food Shop specialising in Organic and Alternative foods. It is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly products that help to care for our planet and our health.

The team at Romeo’s Organics are always there to give advice on everything from foods and nutrition, to personal products, natural medicine and even pet care.
And with a Naturopathic Clinic on site, it is a one-stop well-being shop.

There’s something for everyone at Romeo’s Organics, including people with food intolerance, allergies, and health disorders, as well as for vegans and vegetarians, and of course, those who are simply health conscious.

Romeo’s Organic Wholefoods supplies fresh fruit and vegetables, beverages, frozen foods, hot foods, breads, cereals, teas galore, coffee and coffee-alternatives, cooking essentials, pastas, rice, sauces, herbs and spices, and much much more!! It is also full of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, personal hygiene products and natural pet care products.

You’ll not only be surprised at what you find at Romeo’s Organics, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the everyday low prices!

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Romeo’s Online. Fresh from our store to your door.

We are a proudly SA owned and operated company and are excited to bring the exceptional quality and outstanding service present in our stores onto an online platform.

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