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In 1979, one of the worlds most passionate purveyors of smallgoods was founded in a small Australian town. What was an institution curating some of the most unique recipes to cater for the Italian community – the antipasto connoisseurs – is now catering for all Australians. Princi continues to be driven by the same values – the love of family and community.

Did you know that many smallgoods brands incorporate imported meat in their products? We source 100% of our meat from premium and free range Australian farms where the love of the land and care for animals is paramount. Imported meat has to be cooked and loaded with preservatives overseas, so it could comply with import laws and last the journey. This may compromise the quality of meat as well as your health. Princi meat is APIQ certified (Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Programme) and RSPCA certified.

These farms are also Australian owned, supporting the local industry and jobs with the very best in animal welfare and processing standards. We also have a passion for putting back in to the community – to support people in need and make our planet cleaner and greener. We don’t like to tell you where or what, we just do it because we love to do it – and if you found out by chance, well that’s great. However, the boast factor is not the reason why we do it.’

All Princi products are gluten and dairy free, making them ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and coeliacs. With premium and principles being our passion, the Princi range are naturally free of artificial colourings, artificial flavourings and definitely no added MSG.

Taste LIFE (Love, Inspire, Food, Earth)

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