Robern Story

With four generations in family business, Robern has over a century’s experience in dried fruit processing. In fact it would be fair to say nobody knows fruit processing like Robern, it’s a skill and art form that has been handed down from generation to generation, honed and perfected! Thus it’s no surprise that Robern is synonymous with quality! We don’t cut corners and work tirelessly to ensure we source the finest, high quality fruit from Australia and around the world. Today, under the Robern brand, we strive to produce and market high quality fruit based products comprising of our popular Delightfuls range – featuring our Apricot Coconut Balls and Apricot Indulgence – proudly enjoyed across Australia.

Menz Story

Menz confectionery is one of our proudest brands; it’s stood the test of time since 1850 and still to this day, consistently delivers quality products at affordable prices. Few companies survive without innovation and development, but staying true to our values and only using the finest ingredients has been a key player in our success. Take for example Menz products; FruChocs (first produced in 1948) and Crown Mints (first produced in1892) – two iconic products which are loved and enjoyed as much today as the day they were first released onto the market.

The Menz range used to centre around two famous SA products; Menz FruChocs and Menz Crown Mints. Menz FruChocs are succulent Apricot and Peach centres coated in delicious milk chocolate, while Menz Crown Mints are crisp mints that come in peppermint and spearmint flavours. However, Menz Bumbles Choc Honeycomb, ranged nationally in Coles and Woolworths, is fast becoming Australia’s favourite! In addition to these products Menz also produces high quality Jelly confectionery products, along with a great range of chocolate covered products, including Menz JeliChocs, Menz Classic Fruit and Nuts range, and the highly popular Menz Choccy Snakes.

Robern Menz Today

Robern Menz has 150 years of tradition and is a family business spanning over four generations. Led today by brothers Phil Sims and Richard Sims, Robern Menz is the parent company to its two famous brand ranges Robern and Menz.

Today Robern Menz employs over 110 staff. With three retail outlets in South Australia – Glynde, Hahndorf and McLaren Vale, and distribution throughout all major retailers, Robern Menz is the largest manufacturer of Choc Honeycomb in Australia and produces such products as the iconic Menz FruChocs and Crown Mints. Additionally, Robern Menz is the now

proud owner of Australia’s Violet Crumble, which is ranged nationally and exported all over the globe!

We at Romeos love the Robern Menz product almost as much as we love the fact that they are one of our favourite supply partners… well maybe we love the product a little bit more, but don’t tell them.

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