Rosewater And Saffron Bastani (Ice Cream)

by Laura Bakhtiarian

As seen in Adelady magazine, issue 2.

Image credit : Naomi Giatas

A sophisticated treat to keep in the freezer. Just don’t tell anyone how easy it is to make.

Prep : 20 mins
Freeze : 5 hours
Makes : 2L


1 tbsp milk or water
1⁄2 tsp saffron
2L vanilla ice cream, softened (not melted)
300ml thickened cream
80g pistachios, roughly chopped
1⁄4 cup rosewater
Dried roses and/or pistachios, to garnish
Persian fairy floss*, to garnish

*For specialty ingredients like Persian fairy floss, ask your local Romeo’s store manager — they’ll happily order it for you.


Heat milk (or water) in a cup and add saffron. Allow to steep for 10–15 minutes.

Once the saffron has steeped, place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Mix well, making sure the pistachio nuts and saffron are evenly combined.

Place the bastani in an air tight container. Freeze until firm — at least five hours.

To serve, scoop the bastani into bowls, garnish with dried roses and/or pistachios and Persian fairy floss.

This recipe was featured in Adelady Magazine

This recipe was featured in Adelady Magazine

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