From humble origins…

There are few things you remember having for the first time. There are fewer still that remain so clear in your mind that you possess an undiluted connection through time to the point where you stopped being someone who had never tried something to suddenly becoming a person who had. Our first cup of tea is such a memory. Brewed by our mum Stella, an immigrant from the country of Cyprus, and shared around her 70’s retro laminate kitchen table in the western suburbs of Adelaide, this magical imbibe lovingly made with the strongest black tea she could source and then infused with spices that reminded her of her past life, aniseed, cloves and cinnamon quills, will forever conjure memories of that place, the aromas, colours and textures of home.

Over many a pot of tea, we grew to be tea obsessed. Siblings Peggy & Tony began their tea journey around that table and have gone on to share with their extended families and friends right up till this day. On their travels, John & Peggy would often source interesting teas which led to John suggesting that we open a teahouse in Adelaide and share the passion for the wonderful imbibe with the world. The T BAR team began to travel the world in search of interesting blends to bring home to family & friends who had caught the ‘tea-bug’. So, in 1999 the decision was made to open our very own tea company right here in South Australia (Australia). Up until then there were predominantly cafes serving only coffee and the odd generic teabag filled with dust. Peggy, John, Tony & Kate have fully committed their lives to sharing the love of tea to their own children (7 in total + 1 grandchild) and at the same time remaining true to the original plan – make quality tea easy and accessible to everyone. The first T BAR store opened in the iconic Adelaide Central Market in December of ’99. Our teas were so well accepted in the retail trade with the hospitality industry cottoning on to our unique blends and that’s when the wholesale arm of the business began.

Today our family is much bigger, yet T BAR remains proudly an Aussie family owned & operated business and good tea is still very much at the heart of what we do. T BAR still have great ties with all the initial tea growers used way back, meaning there is consistency in all our blends. Where the rest of the world is moving away from the more traditional blends, T BAR have kept them alive and sometimes might add a twist to a blend keeping it interesting. As one of the very few Australian owned tea companies that have a teabag machine on site, T BAR are proud to keep jobs here in Australia. T BAR have also introduced over time Australian grown teas that are proving to be very popular.

Manufacturing tea to enjoy around both yours & our kitchen tables, T BAR now offer over 120 blends & varieties to choose from. Available in quality loose leaf tea or in100% biodegradable, plastic free teabags in both paper and pyramid mesh style, meeting all your tea needs. We’ve all heard about teas claim to health and wellness, but it’s better than that. A good cup of tea is simply good and in sourcing our leaf teas direct from the growers that have been carefully selected for their superb tea & ethical work values, we revel in the knowledge that T BAR tea brings authentic flavours from around the world to your very own teapot. You can rest assured, when drinking T BAR teas’, you too become part of our family, and what do family do best? They look after their own. Our quality & customer service will never be compromised as we always endeavour to go that little bit further to ensure that your tea drinking experience is the best. Choosing T BAR tea will always restore the balance in your world, along with knowing that you are supporting a local Australian company. Most importantly, T BAR helps you relish the moment when someone smartly suggests putting on the kettle. T BAR proudly bring you the world in a teacup.

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