It’s a dairy dream come true
The story of The Yoghurt Shop.

What started as one man’s dream has slowly but surely transformed into an expansive Australia-wide brand, loved by all.

It all started back in 2003, when Simon took out a small loan from a bank in Gouger Street, before walking across the road and buying a stall in the Adelaide Central Market. The goal: create and sell authentic Greek yoghurt — a creamy treat that he remembered from his time with family friends.

Step one was securing a memorable and punchy name. Among all the other history filled produce stalls in the 150-year-old market, Simon spotted The Cheese Shop and The Mushroom Shop — so he aptly followed suit and named his stall, The Yoghurt Shop.

To get the ball rolling, Simon gathered up a small group of passionate individuals, then spent the next two years devoted to perfecting his product. The team around him slowly grew as well, with quality at the core of every decision. By 2005, his dream to make delicious, nutritious and natural yoghurt was becoming realised as The Yoghurt Shop expanded to ten stores across South Australia.

By 2011, The Yoghurt Shop was one of Australia’s favourite Greek yoghurts — manufactured right here in SA. Through all of the support their delicious products received, they were able to break ground on a new yoghurt factory in Northern Adelaide, and continue to grow across Australia and the world. These days their huge range of flavoured yoghurts are available both directly from their stores around SA, and in the dairy section of your local Romeo’s Foodland.

In 2016 and 2017, their excellent vanilla bean yoghurt was awarded the Top Gold category at the DIAA Awards, and then in 2018, their yoghurt was awarded as Australia’s favourite dairy product by Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

In the 18 years since Simon took out that first loan, The Yoghurt Shop has been recognised numerous times as being a great place to work with plenty of opportunities for staff to grow within the business. In 2020, they even introduced an initiative to give every member of the company the opportunity to share in the expansion of The Yoghurt Shop over time.

With no signs of slowing down, The Yoghurt Shop will continue to grow and evolve — but one thing will never change. And that’s the fact that their roots will remain embedded in their founding mission: Create Australia’s favourite Greek yoghurt, from their family to yours. We’re proud to stock their pots of dairy deliciousness on our fridge shelves at Romeo’s.

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