Goodman Fielder

For over a century, Goodman Fielder has been creating brands and products that are loved by Aussies, from breads to spreads, to mayos and oils. In fact, over 90% of homes in Australia will have at least one (if not many) Goodman Fielder product in the cupboard, or on their table; including Helga’s, Wonder, Praise, MeadowLea, Pampas and many others.

Bread, sold from the back of Lovells bakery, began the Goodman Fielder story in South Australia in 1909 and by 1921, business was booming. Forward 50 years, Lovells sold to Buttercup Bakeries and in 1991 were acquired by Goodman Fielder.

For many years, Buttercup one of Australia’s most trusted bakers, have been baking Country Split, with the warmth, softness and comfort of country fresh bread…delicious. Today, our Forestville Bakery and our local team of over 120, proudly bakes Helga’s, Wonder and Lawson’s loaves daily, keeping Romeo’s shelves stocked, lunchboxes full and satisfied bellies across South Australia.

We are continuing to invest in our facility to ensure our brands remain loved by our loyal customers and retailers and that our people keep loving the work they do!

In 2021, we launched our Better Together Sustainability Strategy starting with nine goals that set out ambitious targets to deliver Better Products, create a Better Planet, build Better Communities and a Better Business.

Whilst sustainability has always been part of making us better, we’re proud of what we’ve already achieved including making the switch to 100% renewable electricity at our Forestville Bakery and all Goodman Fielder owned bakeries across Australia last year. We also swapped our plastic bread tags over to recyclable cardboard bread tags, helping to remove single-use plastics as part of our our goal of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

At Goodman Fielder, we have a huge opportunity, and responsibility, to make food a force for good and we know our team in South Australia are bringing our purpose to life by making everyday food better for everyone.

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