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You gotta be in it to win it! You’ll find all of Romeo’s competitions here.

There are no competitions running right now but we’ve got great plans for the year, so check back soon!

Congratulations to the Winners of our previous competition!

Groceries for a year

G. Mountford – Normanville

Romeo’s $100 Grocery Voucher Winners

D. Aitchison – Croydon
W. Armanios – Royal Park
N. Awerbuch – Aldgate
H. Barnett – Port Adelaide
S. Birchall – North Adelaide
K. Blacket – Marion
M. Briene – Mawson Lakes
C. Brocklehurst – Erindale
S. Bromley – Stirling
I. Colella – Port Adelaide
B. Creek – Port Adelaide
J. Cremasco – Fairview Park
E. Croft – Port Adelaide
M. Cutajar – Port Adelaide
C. Daniels – Fairview Park
L. Davies – Daw Park
J. Droppers – Athelstone
S. Duffield – Daw Park
P. Edge – Lockleys
A. Edwards – Port Adelaide
N. Ermer – Aldgate
D. Eyre – Croydon

L. Ferris – North Adelaide
K. Field – Fairview Park
G. Fincher – Croydon
S. Fleming – Stirling
G. Freeman – Greenwith
A. Fritschi – Athelstone
P. Gillespie – Croydon
T. Goodman – Aldgate
B. Green – Mitcham
C. Harris – North Adelaide
K. Hickman-Davis – Magill
J. Hiesley – Croydon
M. Higgins – Mitcham
D. Horrocks – Mawson Lakes
L. Hunt – Normanville
P. Jaensch – Old Reynella
T. Jimenea – Royal Park
M. Kabashi – Rundle Mall
C. Kelly – Stirling
S. Kitschke – Lockleys
A. Knowles – Fairview Park
R. Kubiak – Old Reynella

M. Markby – Stirling
J. McEvoy – Croydon
D. Mcinnes – Glenelg South
L. McKenzie – Normanville
H. Merrifield – Mawson Lakes
N. Mitroussis – Rostrevor
B. Modniewski – Old Reynella
T. Morris – Greenwith
J. Mosheev – Mitcham
S. Nisbet – Mawson Lakes
M. Nunn – North Adelaide
J. Perri – Normanville
N. Petersen – Port Adelaide
J. Rankine – North Adelaide
L. Raven – Mitcham
R. Rees – Magill
M. Remphrey – Stirling
S. Rench – Mawson Lakes
J. Ritzau – Port Adelaide
S. Rohrsheim – North Adelaide
H. Rothenberg – Daw Park
L. Rousse – Glenelg South


T. Rudkin – North Adelaide
S. Ruf – Normanville
I. Russo – Kilkenny
K. Ryan – Rostrevor
R. Sarson – Port Adelaide
L. Shearwin – Daw Park
S. Shrestha – Magill
J. Sierp – Mitcham
W. Sly – Port Adelaide
G. Svingos – Croydon
H. Thompson – Old Reynella
J. Toubia – Daw Park
G. Mountford – Normanville
M. Turci – Royal Park
A. Vallario – Summer Hill
A. Vlachoulis – Glenelg South
L. Wildman – Fairview Park
V. Williams – Athelstone
A. Winchester – Fairview Park
W. Wood – Glenelg South


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