Self-care Sunday

Self-care Sunday: how to create the ultimate pamper experience at home

After a big week of work, kids, family, friends, and everything else you’ve got going on, there’s no better way to reset your mind, body and soul than with a little bit of self-care. Self-care is all about revitalising your body and giving your mind a break, all while rewarding yourself for the big week you’ve just had.

The good news is, you don’t need to book in for expensive salon treatments every week — there’s so much that you can do from home! Here are some of our personal favourites…


We’ve got plenty of ready-made masks available which are an easy option — like the Neutrogena range. Our personal favourite way to mask though, is by making your own from nourishing and clean ingredients. Some suggestions are:

Avocado + Honey + Cacao Powder

Honey + Papaya

Buttermilk + Yoghurt

Banana + Honey + Orange Juice

Greek Yoghurt + Honey + Extra Virgin Olive Oil (this one is for a hair mask)

Mix any of these up, whack them on your face or hair, place a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes and sit back and relax.

Herbal tea

That morning cup of tea is usually super rushed during the week, so dedicate some time to sip on your favourite herbal tea and actually enjoy it. One range that we adore is Pukka — they even have a tea called “Relax”, which is filled with Chamomile, Fennel Seed And Marshmallow Root. Perfect!

Fuel your body with good food

Whether it’s a recipe you’ve been wanting to try for ageeees, or your favourite dish, get creative in the kitchen and make a beautiful and healthy meal. The idea is to create something that makes your mind and your body feel happy at the same time — perhaps a smoothie bowl with fresh fruit, or some delicious seafood from our seafood counters paired with a big salad.

Take a bath

A bath is one of the simplest ways to relax your body and let yourself unwind — and it’s super easy to make it feel a little more special, too! To get that luxe feel, add some calm music, tealight candles and some Epsom Salts — your body will thank you for it!

Buy yourself some flowers

There’s something about fresh flowers that cheer up your mood and your home. Buy a bunch of beautiful Hilltop Fresh Flowers from any of our stores and you’ll have a little self-care reminder for the entire week!

Give yourself a manicure

Remove any old or chipped polish, tidy up your cuticles, and then lather your hands in luxury Sukin Hand & Nail Cream. Those hands of yours do a lot of heavy lifting, so give them a little love.

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