sustainable future

At Baiada, we believe it is our responsibility to work in a manner that reduces harm to the environment. We are always looking for ways to implement processes that will help to safeguard the future of the world.

As we strive to reduce impact to the environment, we are proud to know that our initiatives have been recognised accordingly:

Energy and Carbon Solution – Baiada was awarded three out of the seven categories at the Energy and Carbon Solutions Annual Awards 2016, including:

Energy and Environment Champion – This prize was presented to our National Environment & Sustainability Manager for multiple projects that will save an estimated 28,020 tonnes of carbon and $1.69 million in energy costs annually when completed.

Project of the Year – Our Beresfield Cogeneration System recieved this award due to its ability to produce an estimated 375,000 litres of hot water, 1 Mega Watt of electricity and reduce 24,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Recognition from Business Clean Up Australia – As part of celebrating 25 years of Clean Up Australia Day, Ian Kiernan AO, the Chairman and founder of Clean Up Australia Ltd, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Baiada for its contribution to Business Clean Up Australia over the last 10 years.

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