Small Beginnings, Big Future.

Brasilia’s history begins in 1983, when Brasilia Coffee was formed in the suburb of Glynde, South Australia. Beginning in a small warehouse, the company began roasting imported green beans initially for Cafés & Continental Deli’s, sourcing beans from across right across the world including South America, Asia & Africa. The Brasilia brand developed the perfect blends for an authentic high quality coffee experience, with the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Over time, Brasilia became a trusted local coffee brand, supplying over 100 cafés in South Australia. It’s popularity with the Italian Australian demographic came swiftly as Brasilia provided authentic Italian flavours and quality of coffee for the traditional short black that at the time were difficult to find in the mainstream market. The brand even sports the colours of the Italian flag in the logo as recognition of its heritage and cultural history.

Brasilia Coffee still services over 100 cafes in Australia, providing café quality beans, machinery, train-ing & service within the industry. In an extremely competitive market segment, which is filled with majornational and international coffee brands, this local Australian brand is well represented in most Inde-pendent retailers supporting local business in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and WA. Enthusiastic coffee drinkers are more and more discerning and educated about coffee, drinking it dailyand planning it socially, as part of their lives. This is the heart of Brasilia coffee and its family origins.

At Brasilia Coffee, we are continually expand our range, always on the look out for new products, exciting new tastes and aromas and new and innovative ways to bring these products to you. For over a quarter of a century Brasilia coffee has been available in Italian restaurants, cafes and continental delicatessens. Its popularity with Italian Australians has resulted from its authentic Italian flavours and quality of our short black. Brasilia coffee is also available in different varieties including medium roast (single crack) and dark roast (double crack). Roasting colour determines the characteristics of the coffee – nuttiness, richness, mellowness and depth of flavour. So try some Brasilia Coffee today, a delicious long black, a creamy latte, or a simple flat white, we’re sure you’ll enjoy what you taste.

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