Brasilia Coffee Our History

Brasilia’s history begins in 1983, when Brasilia Coffee was formed in the suburb of Glynde, South Australia. Today, Brasilia is still very much a South Australian owned and operated business. Beginning in a small warehouse, the company began roasting imported green beans initially for Cafés & Continental Deli’s, sourcing beans from across right across the world including South America, Asia & Africa.

The Brasilia brand developed the perfect blends for an authentic high quality coffee experience, with the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Over time, Brasilia became a trusted local coffee brand, supplying over 100 cafés in South Australia. Its popularity with the Italian Australian demographic came swiftly as Brasilia provided authentic Italian flavours and quality of coffee for the traditional short black that at the time were difficult to find in the mainstream market.

The brand even sports the colours of the Italian flag in the logo as recognition of its heritage and beginnings.

Nievole Distributors

In 2007 Brasilia Coffee was purchased by food & beverage supplier Nievole Distributors, who moved the operation to its Windsor Gardens headquarters, to drive the Brasilia brand forward and grow its audience.

Brasilia was more than ready to launch into the retail market having built a loyal base of customers who were now seeking the convenience of buying coffee in home packs.

With a new home and state-of-the-art roasting technologies, the company was able to expand its output and offering, further developing the Brasilia range for retail sale, broadening its appeal and availability across the country and beyond.

In 2013 the company entered the coffee capsule market, combining its years of roasting experience with the newest technologies hitting the home convenience coffee sector. Now the taste of Brasilia coffee was even easier to experience at home.

40 years of Commitment

With almost 40 years of coffee crafting expertise, Brasilia Coffee still services over 100 cafés in South Australia, providing café quality beans, machinery, training, advice & servicing within the industry sector.

In an extremely competitive market segment, which is filled with major national and international coffee brands, this local brand is well represented in most Independent retailers supporting local business.

Enthusiastic coffee drinkers are more and more discerning and educated about coffee, drinking it daily and planning it socially, as part of their lives. This is the heart of Brasilia coffee and its family origins.

After almost 40 years, Brasilia is still well recognised and supported by local South Australian businesses.

New Brasilia Cafe@Home

In late 2020 Brasilia introduced a new Café quality Premium Coffee range to their retail sector. The Café@Home range uses only the finest 100% Arabica beans expertly roasted to give that great crema taste.

• Artigiano designed for the lovers of milk variations with their coffee
• Brazil Arabica for the long and short black drinkers

Café@Home packaging is premium and stylish. A matte black bag offset with subtle graphic colours from the brand logo help to reinforce the quality and status of the offering.

A mature and grown up serve which harnesses nearly 40 years of coffee crafting expertise to deliver a truly deep and flavoursome coffee – perfect for those who love coffee and enjoy losing themselves in an indulgent, rich coffee experience!


Brasilia Coffee is a regular supporter of the Carnevale Italian Festival held in South Australia. A chance for consumers and customers to taste Brasilia Coffee and for the team to talk through the products, the brand provenance and all things Brasilia.

Brasilia Stay Grounded Pop-Up Coffee stand – Rundle Mall

Working with Adelady to support Brasilia Coffee – a local SA based business. A winning combination helping spread the word on buying local. Today, consumers are demanding locally made and locally sourced products more and more, Brasilia Coffee fits perfectly into that criteria. Supporting local jobs. Supporting local businesses. A rich, memorable tasting experience.

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