The Glenn Family a Sunrice Story

We respect our environment and commit to leaving it in better shape for future generations

With the 2021 rice harvest underway, we caught up earlier in the season with the Glenn family who are rice growers from Moulamein in the Riverina region of Australia. “Consumers don’t really see that when they buy the SunRice product in the supermarket, there is literally a family farm in the Riverina jumping up and down ‘cause they’re happy someone bought their product.” – Charleton Glenn

Australian families producing food for Australia and the world

The Glenn family take great pride in the fact that they are producing quality rice for Australia and the world, in a sustainable and innovative way as partners of the Sunrice group. Sharing in the research and innovations Sunrice have developed in partnership with the Glenn family and other great Australian farming families throughout this great country. Great things can be achieved when we all work together, both for the customer, the environment and our producers.

So next time you purchase a Surnrice product think of the Glenn family and our other great Australian partners, you’ll be able to taste the efforts and success of great Australian producers in every meal.

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