60 Years on and still going strong

Kimberly-Clark’s Millicent Mill in South Australia is home to well-loved iconic household brands Kleenex and Viva.

In 2020, Millicent Mill celebrated 60 years of manufacturing excellence and innovation in Australia. When the Mill first opened back in 1966, it employed 90 people, today it’s the largest employer in the South-East region with a team of approximately 400 strong. In its first year of operations, the mill produced roughly 4,000 tonnes of toilet paper and tissue. Today, that number is closer to 85,000 tonnes per year!

Whilst Millicent Mill has been supplying Australians with essential product such as toilet paper for over six decades now, the Mill became a national treasure in 2020, when the country experienced unprecedented panic buying caused by COVID-19. During this time, Millicent Mill employees found themselves on the front line, working around the clock to ensure Australians continued to have access to essential products.

and our story continues

Over the last six decades, Millicent Mill has been a significant player in the development of the personal care category, with a long-standing history of creating high quality and innovative products. This includes the creation of sustainable products such as Kleenex Eco – Kimberly-Clark’s first FSC® certified 100% bamboo product and the first Australian-made 100% bamboo toilet paper product. This new range is also wrapped in paper packaging, providing consumers with the easy option to now recycle directly via their local kerbside collection.

Looking after the planet and vulnerable communities has always been a key focus for Kimberly-Clark’s Millicent Mill and in 2020 the ANZ business launched a new and ambitious Sustainability Strategy. Over the next 10 years, Kimberly-Clark ANZ plans to become carbon neutral across all its operations, reduce its plastic footprint by half, increase recycled content in packaging, and explore new technologies and ways to connect directly to renewable energy sources.

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