The Best Salt & Pepper Fish Recipe

By Dinah Crowe

Featured on episode 12 of Adelady. All ingredients available from your local Romeo’s.


350g firm flesh fish – I like using Flake
A good shake of G-Fresh Salt & Pepper seasoning. 1T for mild – 2T will be more peppery
Bamboo skewers
3C pre-cut coleslaw mix
1T whole egg mayo
Wedge iceberg lettuce
1 orange
Olive oil spray


Cut your fish into cubes. Thread onto bamboo skewers. I like doing approx. 3-4 pieces of fish per skewer for the kids. Once all done sprinkle with the G-Fresh Salt & Pepper seasoning and set aside.

Add mayo to pre-cut slaw, mix together and set aside for serving.

Heat griddle pan and spray with an olive oil spray. Cook skewers a minute on either side, where you have nicely caramelized grill marks. Remember these will continue to cook once off the pan so do not overcook!

Serve skewers with slaw, wedge of iceberg and a half of an orange.

Dinah x

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